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Mur. 23. Male. Capricorn. Florida. IXTJ.

Fandoms include team Fortress 2, Ao No Exorcist, Pokemon, Persona 4, Homestuck, Hetalia, Madoka Magica, TWEWY, and a bunch of other stuff.

I love cosplaying, videogames, acting, stage combat, photography, roleplaying, dancing, and painting, but I'm pretty bad them.

If you don't want to follow a personal blog and just want cosplay, my cosplay-only blog is here.
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You made that with WHAT? A list of really useful cosplay materials.

So I don’t SPEND MONEY on cosplay, because I am a poor college student, but essentially, I make a lot of my cosplays, cosplay props, and various other things from random junk I find around my apartment. Organized by shape, here’s a list of really useful stuff you can find laying around, in a dumpster, or for cheap. I live in FL, USA, so some of this stuff may not be readily available depending on where you live, but hopefully it gives you some ideas!

Cylindrical objects: 
- Oatmeal containers
- bleach wipe containers
- pringles tubes
- mailing tubes
- toilet paper and paper towel tubes
- dried out markers
- empty pill bottles
- empty aerosol cans
- upholstery fabric roll tubes
- shampoo bottles

Squares and rectangles:
- Pizza boxes
- cereal boxes
- mailing boxes
- tupperware
- CD and DVD cases
- the inside of a fabric bolt
- candy boxes (nerds, swedish fish, etc)
- VHS tape boxes and tapes

Triangles and weird shapes:
- sword and some mailing boxes
- acne wash and cream tubes
- milk cartons
- styrofoam packing materials from appliances and such
- old lightbulbs
- clothes hangers
- food jars like applesauce and peanut butter
- the little plastic things from inside kinder eggs
- solo and dixie cups

Circles n’ stuff:
- old records, cds. etc
- ball pit balls
- ping pong balls
- floral foam discs
- christmas wreath bases

Flat stuff:
- craft foam, cardboard, and foamboard
-puzzle foam mats
- frame boxes, furniture and appliance boxes, etc
- the backs of notepads and old sketchbooks
- broken picture frames (be careful if you are working with glass!) 

Glowy stuff and cool junk:
- tap lights ($4 for 2 at Wal-mart and target)
- christmas light strings
- voice changer helmet toys
- dollar store light-up wands and swords (totally harvestable for batteries and lights)
- glow in the dark stars and planets can be cut apart 
- hot glue makes for great fake slime drips, paint drips, etc. 
- you can buy glow in the dark and blacklight reflective paint for like $2 at wal-mart.

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