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This is a post about cosplay photography and lighting! Not really a tutorial or explanation or anything, just a bunch of observations that I’ve had.

What do the four cosplays I’m wearing in these photos have in common? (Prospit John, Psiioniic, Mituna, and Rebel Sollux). They’re all made with the exact same yellow fabric. They look totally different under different types of lighting, but “main” yellow on each of them is the same fabric.

So without going into too much of a ramble about fabric choices here,  the color in question is Kona Corn Yellow, which looks like this on the website. 

The lighting of a room or the time of day outdoors can almost completely change what a costume looks like when it’s photographed. Some other factors are the type of camera used, with camera phones, DS cameras, and Ipods having the most variation, point and shoot and smaller cameras probably having a bit less variation, and higher-end cameras and DSLRs probably being the most universal as far as the results that you get. However, nobody’s camera can exactly replicate the human eye. You can drop ten grand on the best camera money can buy, and probably still not get photos that look exactly like how they look in person. 

A lot of people edit and color correct photos to make them either look better artistically, or more true-to life, but choosing colors when picking fabrics is HARD, because when you look at one color, how many zillion different things is it going to look like on a camera? It’s hard to tell without buying a bunch of fabric samples and taking a bunch of photos for yourself. That’s expensive and tedious though, so I usually just buy fabrics that are a little bit darker than the exact color of my ref, and wigs that are VERY SLIGHTLY more saturated than my refs. In the end, it’s all up to your personal taste!

When I edit photos, the things I almost ALWAYS edit are the curves (which is the darkness of blacks, and lightness of whites), saturation (especially in overcast lighting, white clouds wash your photos RIGHT out), and contrast. 

But indoors, people tend to use flash photography, which will overexaggerate the shine on any shiny cosplay pieces you have, and also wash out the photo overall. Indoor photos will usually be tinted with whatever color the lighting of the room is as well, which in a lot of places, is yellow. I’ve also seen white lights and green lights. Some types of flourescent lights photograph neon green, for reasons I still haven’t figured out, I’m sure somebody who knows more about physics could explain why.

Outdoor lighting varies depending on tons of factors. Lights from buildings, streetlamps, and other sources can change the whole look of your photo, but the sun at different hours of the day can make everything look drastically different. Also if the sky is overcast, be prepared to have all of your photos have this weird almost omnipresent lighting scheme, and no real defined shadows. Under direct sunlight, you get very strong shadows, which sometimes also washes out photos and make your entire costume look lighter or darker depending on your fabrics. I personally am a huge fan of photos taken under bright sunlight in a blue sky, but in the shade. It usually makes softer shadows, because you’re shaded from the sun, but the sun is still providing tons of light in the picture. 

I don’t really know where I was going with this post, but eh, whatever. Food for thought.
(Other cosplayer credits! - 3am Jade / Derse Dave / Mituna )  

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