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Mur. 23. Male. Capricorn. Florida. IXTJ.

Fandoms include team Fortress 2, Ao No Exorcist, Pokemon, Persona 4, Homestuck, Hetalia, Madoka Magica, TWEWY, and a bunch of other stuff.

I love cosplaying, videogames, acting, stage combat, photography, roleplaying, dancing, and painting, but I'm pretty bad them.

If you don't want to follow a personal blog and just want cosplay, my cosplay-only blog is here.
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*permission to post given by かえる倒立*

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I picked up this fucking game.

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this is literally what I do though

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Can you hear my voice?

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And everyone loves an adorable winner!

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you know an anime means business when nobody has blue hair




is that a fucking chocolate fish?

Hetalia is the most serious anime out there trust me I’m a doctor


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MANLY SCREAMING about how cool we look in our KLK cosplays! I definitely have a lot to improve on my Inumuta cosplay, but never have I had a cosplay get so much photo love. ;-; 

Lady Satsuki / Inumuta / Photographer!

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Nitro+Chiral Protagonists at Anime Weekend Atlanta 2014

Aoba Seragaki / Konoe / Photographer

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DAVE: with our powers combined we will make the most diamonds ever
DAVE: because we are the fucking palest of palebros

(Now with captions! Click to see.)

More Dave and Mayor photos! These are the sillier ones (were there any that really WEREN’T silly though?) out of the set that got sent back.

We look real thug in that top photo.

Dave | Wayward Vagabond | Photographer

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Always believe in yourself. Do this and no matter where you are, you will have nothing to fear.

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DAVE: if i never see you again i just wanted you to know 
DAVE: its been real man 
DAVE: you were always there for me 
DAVE: you shared my darkest hours 
DAVE: my deepest secrets 
DAVE: and ill never fucking forget it 


At long last, I got to get a shoot with my favorite Mayor ever! We first wanted to get a shoot as these two at Holiday Matsuri around a year ago, but we had to postpone it until this past Anime Weekend Atlanta!

This may be one photoset of many. We’ll see.

Dave | Wayward Vagabond | Photographer

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I have died every day waiting for you.
Darling don’t be afraid, I have loved you.

Wadanohara and Samekichi from Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea at Anime Weekend Atlanta

Wadanohara / Samekichi / Photographer

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I wanted to try the color palette meme thing so I just picked one and drew morgan huhu might do more b/c this was pretty fun aaa

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